Covcel Review-Hidden Gem of the GED prep world

Earlier, I tried to take the GED test four times, always scoring in the 140-142 range. So I scored just short of the GED passing score of 145! I got so tired, and my preparation efforts got into that phase where I had exhausted just about all available official and reliable prep materials in the market. I tried many websites to get all set for the GED exam, both free and paid, but none of those helped me to pass the four GED subject tests.

But then, I found this online program by Covcel, and I decided to give it a try for seven days. This way, I had nothing to lose as Covcel has a 7-day free trial policy.

Covcel offers a pretty straightforward GED prep program. It allows you to use and practice all of its vast content (lots of video lessons, plenty of sample tests) right from the start and you don’t have to take some so-called ‘diagnostic test’ that only makes you feel stupid.

I was actually pretty surprised to learn that even in far-away eastern European countries such as Belarus with its rich traditions and well-structured education system, this course was used for earning the American GED credential. Quite remarkable, isn’t it!?

I was pleasantly surprised at how well-organized and well-structured Covcel’s lessons are. The website’s dashboard is excellent and I got numerous practice tests with thorough explanations of the problems, which helped me to learn all topics and fix my mistakes. The difficulty level of the questions gradually increased which was very helpful, too.

Christmas and New Year in Belarus

Remember your childhood when you got a present from the Christmas Man, from Santa Claus? I guess you do, but do you still get it? Well, check out Belarus! In this country, the people don’t just celebrate Christmas once, but two times!

How is that possible?

In most parts of the world, people live in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. However, the Orthodox Church adheres still to an older one, the Julian calendar, and herein lies the reason that there’s a 13-day delay in celebrating all holidays.

In Belarus, most people are Orthodox Christians though there’s also a significant share of Protestants and Roman Catholics. In Belarus, key religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas are designated non-working days in official calendars and the people have the liberty to choose which day they choose for their celebration.

The Belarussian ritual of Christmas is closely connected with Kalyday, the famous folk holiday, where people not only go to church but also observe various rituals of pagan origin, and both traditions were fused into one single fest.

Well, I’m telling you that, even if you understand English Grammar Rules pretty well, understanding the Belarus language, the country’s rituals, traditions, language, history, religious beliefs, and festivities, may get pretty challenging, wouldn’t you agree?

High School Scholarships

If you think that scholarships are only meant for college and research students, then you are mistaken. There are specific scholarship programs for senior as well as junior high school students. Scholarships for high school students allow students to start their educational journey without any burden of costly school expenses. Of course, students can always choose a good GED prep and pass the GED exam. Click here to read my Covcel prep review.

Various private firms, individuals, corporate houses, charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions provide scholarships to the desired students. Apart from the citizenship criteria, these scholarships have their own set of conditions for eligible candidates.

Some are need-based grants whereas there are other grants that are merit-based. There are several other grants for high school students where suitable candidates are selected through competitions like essay contests or painting competitions.