Don’t Just Plan – You Must Take Action


There are aspects of my work life that I find very easy and pleasant, and others where I’m conscious I have some real weaknesses. One of my greatest failings is that I enjoy learning about a new subject — a new technique, a new subject and I am a sucker for every career quiz. I prefer doing all of it much more than I enjoy getting down to work. If you are like me, here is the top advice for us. You and I must take ACTION!

I’m not sure exactly why I find it so hard to take action. I don’t think the pop-psych generalities are necessarily accurate in my case … I’m certainly not afraid of success, nor do I believe that I’m incapable of achieving good work.

Part of the problem, I believe, is that I like to fully understand something before I start working on it. I’m one of the mythical customers who actually reads the manual … I’ve never been willing to just jump in, get to work, and learn new software as I go. At least, not in a situation where the results actually matter; if I’m investing time and resources in order to have a better life, I don’t want to get things wrong. I joined the newsletter, it’s a truly awesome confidence boost.

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Perceptions of Electric Cars

Based on the results of an Indiana University study, American drivers don’t understand electric cars, and base most of their judgments about plug-in vehicles on preconceived and faulty notions. This lack of awareness could hinder the auto industry’s push to produce more electric and hybrid vehicles.

The study, run by Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, surveyed 2,300 adult drivers in 21 different U.S. cities. Misconceptions about price and mileage were most common.

Price Perceptions

Ask a car enthusiast about the price of 1986 mustang parts and he or she can probably give you an accurate response. Ask the same person about the cost of electric cars, and they’ll often be way off the mark.

People understand electric cars are more expensive than gas-powered vehicles, but they don’t realize the difference can be expressed in thousands of dollars. Instead, they expect to pay a few hundred dollars more for a plug-in car. So when people go shopping for electric cars, they’re shocked by the extra cost, which makes gas-powered vehicles seem more attractive.

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30 Typical Dutch Things

Updated July, 2016. The Dutch popular national newspaper Telegraaf asked its readers what is “typical Dutch”. They compiled a list of the 100 top typical Dutch things. Thanks to my Dutch girlfriend I created this post with 30 typical Dutch things based on the votes of Telegraaf (Dutch) readers

  • Windmills- Molens –Think about windmills network at Kinderdijk- this place is also on the World Heritage List of UNESCO
  • Sinterklaas is also known as Sint Nikolaas or Saint Nicholas
  • Clogs-Wooden Shoes-Klompen– are one of the most original items to take back home from Holland
  • Orange Color Sentiment – Oranje  (gevoel) during international soccer tournaments involving the Dutch team  everything in the Netherlands turns orange, including the Dutch themselves. Another reason to go orange is the King Day
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Speak Kindly To AND About Yourself

“Speak kindly to AND about yourself. No more “I’m so stupid” or “This is a dumb question” or “I am so behind!” Words create LIFE. ~Sandi Krakowski~
It’s well known knowledge that negative self talk comes from negative talking to a child hammering in that little one’s head like “you’re so stupid!” “dummy!” “you’ll never amount to anything!”

Have you ever heard those words as a child? Do you find yourself believing those words? It doesn’t have to be a parent it can be any person that’s supposed to be a role model to you. I know that as a child I grew up with soooooo many negative words. It took me quite a long time to finally realize that I am not stupid or dumb or anything else negative that I was told as a child. And I know I am not the only one, in my work as the education consultant I have seen plenty high school dropouts with the low self esteem as a direct results of belittling their capabilities in the childhood.

It’s verbal abuse and it’s amazing how many adults abuse children verbally.

When you realize all the negative self talk stems from your childhood you can start to give yourself positive self talk or like Sandi Krakowski says you can “Speak Kindly To AND About Yourself! You can, it works and it turns things around for you.

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