China is the new Go-Green Model

China has been the target of environmentalists worldwide and also within its own borders. This is mainly due to the diminished air and water quality due to massive industrialization in recent years and the use of coal as heating and also used to produce oil.

Oil produced from coal has twice the CO2 emissions as burning coal alone. So is it possible that China may become the Go Green poster child of the industrialized world? It is not only possible – it is very likely.

China is a giant canvas for painting a green picture for the world. Chinese officials are aware of the enormity of the problem but have also implemented equally large plans.

The combination of sustainable natural resources and alternative plans for the use of coal and plastics have put the country on the track to showing the greatest improvement environmentally. This is a plan that has been criticized for its slow track path but nonetheless, it is a plan.

They built the Great Wall one stone at a time and they will clean up the environment one city at a time. Some of the implemented plans and sustainable resources that will be part of a greener China include:

Lower My Bills – Tips to Save Energy in Your Home

It’s not that hard to save on your electricity bill at all. Take a look at some useful tips:  

1. Kеер уоur heating running efficiently. Yоur furnace iѕ thе mоѕt expensive appliance in уоur house tо run. In fact household heating accounts fоr 60% оf аll energy uѕеd in thе average home. Make ѕurе it iѕ operating аѕ efficiently аѕ роѕѕiblе bу replacing itѕ filter еvеrу twо months.

A great option iѕ tо purchase оnе оf thе reusable filters thаt саn bе washed оn a regular basis. You’ll pay mоrе fоr thеm but thеу lаѕt fоr years ѕо in thе еnd thеу cost lеѕѕ thаn disposable filters. Thе fеw minutes it will tаkе уоu tо properly care fоr уоur furnace саn increase itѕ energy efficiently bу аѕ muсh аѕ 50 реr cent.

2. Install a programmable thermostat. Heating аnd cooling уоur house whеn nо оnе iѕ home – оr whеn еvеrуоnе iѕ in bеd – uѕеѕ аn unnecessary amount оf energy. Thiѕ iѕ bad fоr thе environment аnd bad fоr уоur checkbook!

Inѕtеаd оf wasting thаt energy, buy a programmable thermostat аnd set thе temperature tо bе ѕеvеrаl degrees cooler (or warmer in thе summer) during thе night аnd whеn thе house iѕ empty. Yоu саn easily hаvе it back tо thе temperature уоu likе bу thе timе уоu wake uр оr arrive home.

Go Green in 2017

Recycling, reducing waste and lowering energy costs are just some of the options that businesses have to go a little “greener” in 2017. There are plenty of reasons for you to go green personally, but why would a business bother with it? After all, small businesses are all about the bottom line.

In reality, going green can have a big impact on your profits in more ways than you might think. It’s even a fundamental value many small businesses will flaunt to develop loyal customers.

You can lower you energy costs, which is a big portion of your overhead. Encouraging your employees to turn off lights and computers while on break or at the end of the day will produce big effects.

However, how do things like recycling or encouraging car pools help to save you money? They may not. In fact, they may actually make you money! Offering green technology at work is a great way for employers to attract talent and consumers. People are losing their loyalty for companies at the same time they’re increasing loyalty for themselves and their careers. Use what you can to keep them attracted to you and check out some cool, easy ideas for going green in 2014.


I am absolutely ecstatic to announce that my hiatus from running has finally ended, and although I’ve only got about 3.5 miles under my feet so far this week, the ankle feels good as new, and I’m ready to take on my own personal trail turkey trot tomorrow.

I know I have been pussy footing around getting back into running. Erring on the side of caution in order to push back my return to doing something I love so much, going mildly psychotic in the meanwhile,and growing more and more irritable as the days went by.

I have to be honest though… I probably could’ve started back a week earlier, but I was scared.

First of all, I only started running in April, so I know how bad it sucks when you first start running. At least for me it did. It’s uncomfortable, your lungs hurt, your legs hurt, your pride takes a beat down, it’s time consuming… Starting running and sticking to it takes balls.

Since I have been injured, I have been counting the days I’ve gone since running, knowing each one that passed would make my “comeback” that much more like starting all over again.

Why I Crossfit and You Should too

Crossfit Deadlift

It’s effective. After I first started Crossfitting, this chick, who couldn’t even do 5 girl-style pushups started doing regular pushups within 2 weeks…and lots of them too. I saw muscles, I had innate strength for daily life.

It just freaking works, you must have faith in the methodology and the programming.  If you’ve been trying boring treadmills and elliptical and traditional strength, bodybuilding routines and have gotten burnt out and bored and haven’t seen results, give Crossfit a try.  The reasons why and how it works are found at the official Crossfit site.

It doesn’t take very long. The longest Workout of the Day (WOD) I’ve ever done took me about 30 minutes and that was only once. So, it’s effective and it’s quick – WIN!

It’s not boring. Every WOD is different.  Even if I’m doing the same one I did 3 months ago, it’s still different because I’m lifting more, jumping higher, running faster, running longer distances, etc.  So you never truly repeat the same work out twice.

And, it’s so intense that for those 10 or 15 minutes you’re WODing you cannot focus on anything else on your mind. If you’re worried about something, or your mind wanders, or if you can’t turn off all the ideas in your head, you’ll get a reprieve during your WOD.  The result is better focus and increased concentration in other areas of your life.

Christmas and New Year in Belarus

Remember in your childhood you receiving about getting a present from Santa Claus? Perhaps, you still do? Then you should definitely come to Belarus, the country, where people celebrate not just one, but two Christmases!

How is it possible?

Today most of the world lives according to the Gregorian calendar. The Orthodox Church, however, still adheres to the old, Julian calendar. This is why all holidays are celebrated with the 13-day delay.

Most of Belarusians are Orthodox Christians, but the share of Roman Catholics and Protestants is also very significant. That is why major religious holidays like Christmas and Easter are marked as non-working days in the official calendar. People are free to choose which one they want to celebrate.

In Belarus, the ritual of Christmas is therefore closely tied with the folk holiday of Kalyady, with people not only going to church, but also observing rituals of pagan origin, with both traditions fused into a single fest. In the present Belarusian language the word Kaliady describes the whole period of Christmas celebrations.

Optimist or Realist?

Today is my ridiculously long day, but it feels great to be getting back into the swing of things. Who knew how little time off it takes to get completely a little rusty when it comes to studying?

Usually on Fridays I do a “things I love” post, but I have procrastinated on putting this post together, so I’m going to have to skip it this week. Bad blogger.

But maybe I’ll do one tomorrow since I’ll have more time?

Anyway. I thought I would just ramble about something that has been on my mind today.


I have always considered myself a realist. I wouldn’t describe myself as overly pessimistic, but I tend to have a “hope for the best, plan for the worst” mentality. And I come by that mentality honestly. I am not one of those people that have things come easily for them. A lot of times it feels like I have the worst luck- if something can go wrong, it will.

I am Murphy, you know Marthy’s law…

Natural Home: How to Incorporate More Earth into Your Life

By incorporating natural elements into your living space, you can create an environment that is relaxing to you and your family. Small changes to your decor can add ambience and character to your home.

Bringing the outdoors in can be done on a large or small scale, and can be suited to any budget.

Earth-Toned Color Scheme
An easy way to create a warm and inviting home is to choose an earth-toned color scheme. Because earth tones complement one another, you do not have to choose a single shade for your living space.

If you are choosing an earth tone for your walls, consider the size of the room. Lighter tans, grays, and greens suit a small room well, while deeper shades work better for larger rooms.

You can create definition in a space by choosing a light tone and a dark tone. By using two complementary tones together, you will prevent your living space from looking drab.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Everyone’s heard of the so called ‘carbon footprint’. But what exactly does it mean? Basically, it’s the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a person, organisation/business or event.

The drastic increase in the emission of CO2 (carbon dioxide) is the main cause of global warming, also known as man-made climate change. There are certain things you can do to lower your carbon footprint. By doing so, you’re helping the planet more than you may think.

Before I go through the ways you can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, it’s essential to understand that CO2 is a consequence of burning carbon-based fuels such as gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene, coal, oil and gas.

The goal is to reduce the use of devices which are powered by carbon-based fuels. I know it sounds daunting but as they say, starting is half the battle. Here are 5 tips that will help you get started:

GMO Foods: What’s the Controversy?

Genetically modified (GMO) foods have been in the headlines a lot lately. These foods have a gene inserted into them to help develop a certain characteristic, usually in relation to disease resistance or pests. Despite all the articles about these foods, it is hard to know what exactly the controversy is. What it all boils down to is one question: are GMO foods safe?

  • The Issues

People who oppose GMO foods claim that they are not safe. One potential concern is that the food themselves are toxic and will harm humans. Another concern is allergies. Will a gene from a peanut inserted into another plant cause a reaction in someone allergic to peanuts?

Are the genetic changes going to result in other species dying out? There are few studies about this issue, and many of them are inconclusive.