The Importance of History Education to Black America

Frederick Douglass, at the twenty-third anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, stated that “Education, the anchor for a society where justice and liberty are secure, is a very dangerous thing for society when oppression and injustice are present…”

Douglass knew that in order for black people in America to survive, they had to be educated because it was the one area that could make the weak person strong and the black person equal.

This is also true today. The statistics say that the dropout rate between blacks 18 to 24 years old is a record low, and many African-American teenagers are highly interested in taking the GED exam if they, for some reason, didn’t get their HS diploma. But that wasn’t always the case.

By the time the modern-day Civil Rights Movement started, its leaders already knew that education was knowledge, and that knowledge was power. In order for black people to gain their equality, they would have to have a solid foundation to stand on, and that foundation would be education.

William and Mary Houston understood this well and they made sure that their only child, Charles, received the best education they could offer him. Charles Houston would grow up to become a very important factor in the Civil Rights Movement by, indirectly, helping to desegregate American schools, giving black people the chance to achieve the same level of education that white people received.

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What Makes Onsego The Best GED Prep?

Covcel changed its name to Onsego! Too many people associated the name with Covid. I love this new name and definitely recommend everyone to sign up for this GED prep. Earlier, I tried to take the GED test four times, always scoring in the 140-142 range. So I scored just short of the GED passing score of 145!

I got so tired, and my preparation efforts got into that phase where I had exhausted just about all available official and reliable prep materials in the market. I tried many websites to get all set for the GED exam, both free and paid, but none of those helped me to pass the four GED® subject tests.

Finally, the online program by Onsego was the best option for me.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well-organized and well-structured Onsego’s lessons are. The website’s dashboard is excellent, and I got numerous practice tests with thorough explanations of the problems, which helped me to learn all topics and fix my mistakes. The difficulty level of the questions gradually increased, which was very helpful, too.

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5 Fresh Tips for Green Living and Eco-Friendly Solutions

“Green” living is one of those concepts that has taken hold in mainstream media, becoming a pretty significant “buzzword” in the last few years. However, unlike “Bennifer”, this one seems to be sticking around. Green living basically refers to doing things in your daily life that helps the environment.

A super easy example of what you probably already do is recycling. There is definitely a level of extremity, as well as perspective that ties into what truly makes something ‘green’.

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