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Eco-Dogs: How to Keep an Environmentally-Friendly Pet

Most people tend to think that just about anything found in nature is innately good for the environment while most machines are detrimental. While you glare at the gas-guzzling SVU rumbling down the street, you may be horrified to learn that some of the worst offenders when it comes to disrespecting the environment are actually pets.

Dogs can have a bigger impact on the environment than operating a Toyota Land Cruiser, despite being a natural part of Earth’s fauna. If you are conscious about the eco-footprint you leave behind, it may be time to look at ways to make your dog more eco-friendly.


Protect Wildlife

One of the ways that dogs can harm the environment is by hunting and killing wildlife. When you think about a menace to birds, cats often come to mind. Still, dogs aren’t entirely innocent and can sometimes hunt and kill small animals that are essential to an area’s ecosystem.

Because of this, it is likely better to keep your dog contained in a fenced-in area so he cannot run free and hunt. When you’re on walks, keep your dog leashed so he can’t go after small animals when out and about. Read More