Artificial Grass Manufacturers

Artificial grass also known as synthetic turf is getting more and more popular both for sport fields and residential lawn. We have take a look on the major manufactures of artificial grass.

  • The GreenFields®, the leading European sports turf systems producer GreenFields is a TenCate company. TenCate is the biggest producer of artificial grass fiber. The head office of GreenFields and artificial turf manufacturing facility of 24,000 m2 is located in Genemuiden, The Netherlands.
  • They also have production facilities in South Africa, Korea, Algeria and United Arab Emirates and North America. They are well known for producing the sustainable turf that is designed to reduce CO2 emission. Main focus is on synthetic sports turf market, especially for soccer sport fields.  GreenFields is certified by FIFA Quality Concept for football turf.
  •  SYNLawn® is both a company that owns the well-known AstroTurf® brand. AstroTurf® that has delivered synthetic turf for football, soccer, field hockey, and baseball and softball sport fields. SYNLawn® is a world-wide company with international headquarters based in Dalton, GA (USA), where the parent company has produced synthetic turf products since 1965.
  • CCGrass is the artificial grass manufacturer with worldwide installations in more than 72 countries. CCGrass owns the biggest artificial grass factory in the world and over the past decade, the total sales volume has reached 40,000,000 sqm, ranking No.1 in global market. CCGrass is one of the “FIFA Quality Concept for football turf” licensees, which is the highest standard of football field in the world, and have got around 30 FIFA certified fields located worldwidely.
  • TigerTurf Americas is part of one of the largest, most innovative global synthetic turf manufacturing companies in the world. Headquartered in New Zealand, TigerTurf International has customers in every part of the world, from Japan to Europe, China to Africa, India to the United Kingdom. And now, North and Latin America.
  • GrassTex is manufacturing synthetic turf for residential and commercial applications. When it first opened its doors in 1976, GrassTex established itself as a pioneer in the creation of safe, durable turf technology. This innovative drive led to new advances in synthetic turf – it became safer, stronger and more natural in appearance. Developments like the Dow urethane backing, created for carpet in the mid-80’s, increased synthetic turf’s strength and durability. As synthetic turf technologies evolved, GrassTex adapted to meet commercial and consumer demand.
  •  Garden Grass has developed a wide range of artificial grass products for landscape, leisure, playgrounds and mini sports, based on 20 years of experience in the synthetic turf industry. The design and composition of Garden Grass products was initially born out of collaboration with the leading European sports turf systems producer GreenFields. With distribution in 51 countries and installations for a wide variety of applications GardenGrass has become one of the leading brands in this market segment.
  • Global Syn-Turf, Inc. is a U.S.A. company based in Hayward, California. Our manufacturing facilities are currently producing 80,000,000 square feet of synthetic turf products and being sold to over 60 countries in Europe and Asia. Global Syn-Turf, Inc. cares about the environment and we are proud to contribute to the greening of our planet earth. Our lead-free synthetic turf products are safe for both humans and animals and ideal for residential and commercial landscapes, pets and sports fields. Our products have passed vigorous tests and far exceed government standards (Test results provided upon request).
  • EnvyLawn offers our residential and commercial clientele with high-quality wholesale synthetic turf for golf greens, artificial grass and more. Our company is truly the best international synthetic turf manufacturer in the industry. No matter what type of application you choose or where you are installing it, synthetic grass from EnvyLawn is always an inspired choice. Artificial turf demands are on the rise around the globe, so naturally the market can become saturated with lesser-quality products. Don’t be fooled by others that promise you the best but can’t deliver it.