Save On Gas And Electricity With An Energy Monitor

Energy Monitors

One thing that’s for certain is that home energy prices and costs are not going down. In fact, in the UK the cost of electricity and gas are one of the largest aspects fuelling inflation.

Home energy monitors can provide you with a better understanding of the amount of energy use there is, how much is being used and also the areas that you can make cuts. These devices show all sorts of other details too, including how much CO2 is being emitted from your home, when your highest usage times are and a range of other information.

These monitors are simple to install and require just some simple tools. A transmitter is then clipped to a cable on your gas or electric meter. This will then send information to the monitor itself.

The whole system is very easy to set up and usually involves just entering details regarding unit rates of power or heat.


One thing to note is that these energy monitors don’t save cash per se, but they do show you where you are wasting energy and where you can change habits.

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