What Makes Onsego The Best GED Prep?

Covcel changed its name to Onsego! Too many people associated the name with Covid. I love this new name and definitely recommend everyone to sign up for this GED prep. Earlier, I tried to take the GED test four times, always scoring in the 140-142 range. So I scored just short of the GED passing score of 145!

I got so tired, and my preparation efforts got into that phase where I had exhausted just about all available official and reliable prep materials in the market. I tried many websites to get all set for the GED exam, both free and paid, but none of those helped me to pass the four GED® subject tests.

Finally, the online program by Onsego was the best option for me.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well-organized and well-structured Onsego’s lessons are. The website’s dashboard is excellent, and I got numerous practice tests with thorough explanations of the problems, which helped me to learn all topics and fix my mistakes. The difficulty level of the questions gradually increased, which was very helpful, too.

One great aspect is that you can take all of the lessons and practice quizzes anytime you want. You’re not required to first complete one section before you can explore the next; you can choose what you want at all times.

That really was the best part of the Onsego content. You can go over a topic time and again, and everything comes with a transcript of the text and ample explanations. The course also includes timed practice tests, which I really loved! They help you get accustomed to testing under time pressure, and I also felt less fatigue during longer practice tests.

Onsego’s video lessons address all GED topics in bite-sized chunks, and all of the explanations are short, specific, and to the point. This is really helpful for someone who needs to study for some time and doesn’t want to waste time rambling about some unimportant issues and things, as is often the case with other test prep programs.

Onsego’s support team has helped me a lot when I didn’t quite understand some topics. They are very helpful and explain things very clearly. What’s so great is that they always replied to my queries within 24 hours. Well, as I said before, I tried several other GED prep programs, and that definitely wasn’t the case elsewhere!

I really appreciate that Onsego offers its vast and expert content at such a reasonable price. There even is a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the course! Well, I’m telling you, that is highly unlikely.

I’m pretty sure you won’t want to need this guarantee; it merely shows that the Onsego guys are not the kind of folks that are just after your hard-earned dollars. They are really committed to your success and genuinely interested in supporting you with your GED preparation.

The course also shows how technology has changed our lives. It’s not only the corporate world that has embraced and implemented new, advanced technological options, but the world of education has done that as well.

I’m sure that if you use Onsego for your GED preparation, you’ll get yourself closer to earning your GED diploma in a relatively short period of time and that you won’t be disappointed. This is a great and affordable program, perhaps even the best on the market.