Is creativity better than Intelligence?

The majority of educational organizations and businesses still continue to value intelligence above creativity, but this begins to change. You can find increasingly more attention for innovation and creativity.

Just lately, I was reading an interview with Gatorade inventor Dr. James Robert Cade’s daughter, Phoebe Cade Miles, and she states that creativity is a more substantial forecaster of success in a persons life than intelligence. Phoebe strongly believes in the power of creativity.

She explained that indeed intelligence is easier to measure, easier to control, and easier to recognize, but that it is definitely worth to check out creative people and to educate yourself to think in a creative way because thinking creatively will result in success.

Cade Miles is now busy working on the new project, The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention. This museum, is scheduled to open in 2015 and it explores the history of the famous Gatorade athletic drink, and highlights the vital role creativity played in the invention.

How To Be More Creative

Take a look at a couple of successful methods to come to be more creative:

  • People are far more creative when they are tired. As opposed to dealing with an analytic issue, creative ideas frequently originate from allowing our thoughts to wander around and into apparently irrelevant fields. The is a lot of research indicates that we are better able to “think outside the box” when we are not operating optimally.
  • Physical exercise boosts your creativity. Working out makes it possible for your conscious mind to get into refreshing thoughts that are hidden deep in your subconsciousness
  • Creativity is centered on creating connections. The process of being creative really doesn’t suggest that you must develop original ideas. As is appears, the process of creativity is in reality all about creating unique connections between pre-existing concepts
  • Visiting different places abroad furthermore increases your creative thinking process. Students who are traveling in foreign countries score far better on creative thinking exams than students who don’t and stay at their school’s campus.
  • Chaotic environments lead to extra creative thinking

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