Green Gadgetry: 5 Kitchen Tools for the Eco-Friendly Chef

Gadgets are great. When thinking through the ecological implications of a kitchen design, the eco-friendly chef should also consider the impact on the environment of the gadgets and devices that will be used in the kitchen. Here’s a sampling of some of our favorites.

Reusable Glass Containers

Disposable containers are out; reusable ones are in. Leftovers and even items bought directly from the produce section can be stored safely in the Frigoverre Plus reusable glass bowls reasonably priced at most kitchen retailers. The bowls have thick non-porous walls, are shatterproof and seal with tight-fitting BPA-free plastic lids.

PFOA-Free No-Stick Cookware

PFOA stands for perfluorooctanoic acid and is used today in the coatings for many no-stick pans and cookware. PFOA has been linked to certain types of cancer, so the release by Scanpan of PFOA-Free No-Stick pans is very welcome. The cookware is truly no-stick, allowing you to cook without adding butter or oil.

Stainless Steel Lunchbox

When preparing lunches for the little ones, you want a carry-container that’s tough, easy to clean and reusable over and over. ECOLunchbox has created the ECOLunchPod, a perfect box for your child to use to carry sandwiches, veggies, fruit or healthy snacks to school. The ECOLunchPod is dishwasher-safe, but you can also just give it a quick rinse before the next use.

Fresh Herb Savers

Chefs always love to use fresh ground herbs rather than dried herbs from a bottle. But the problem is keeping the fresh herbs fresh. Along comes Prepara with their Herb Saver, a set of plastic ventilated tubes that keep fresh herbs from spoiling. Tests have proven herbs can be kept in a Herb Saver for up to three weeks and still remain in great condition for grinding or chopping.

Mezzaluna Knife and Board

The Mezzaluna is a knife/board combo that makes the task of chopping and cutting quick and easy. The half-moon blade of the knife simplifies cutting everything from nuts to parsley to scallions; the concave board prevents anything from rolling off the edge. Manual cutting is so much more eco-friendly than using a machine. Many knife manufacturers make a version of the Mezzaluna.

The the impact of gadgets in the kitchen are just as important as the overall design when it comes to eco-friendly functionality. If you’ve got a favorite gadget that helps to save the environment, let us know. We may incorporate it into our next overview of gadgets.