TenCate Turf promotes sustainability

TenCate Turf promotes sustainability

TenCate, the advanced technology company, recently won a tender for installing synthetic turf on the sports fields of the Dutch Jupiler League stadiums.

One of the important factors for choosing TenCate grass was innovation and the sustainability of their artificial grass system called GreenFields MX.

This is the first official synthetic turf pitch in which a number of new developments have been combined, resulting in an optimum ball and playing performance and full recyclability of the pitch. The innovative matrix weaving pattern additionally has a positive effect on the rotational resistance of the player’s feet.

Artificial pitches score high when it comes to pitch availability to play. A natural grass pitch begins to deteriorate after about 250 hours play per season, while artificial turf can be played on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – of course depending on good and regular maintenance.

And the “grass” isn’t the only green thing with an artificial turf field. By using recycled materials and eliminating the need for watering, mowing and applying chemicals, the artificial turf field is very environmentally friendly, too.

TenCate is not only the market leader when it comes to synthetic grass, they are also known for their corporate sustainability efforts maintaining the healthy balance between the three P’s of sustainability – people, planet, and profit.


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