High School Scholarships

If you think that scholarships are only meant for college and research students, then you are mistaken. There are specific scholarship programs for senior as well as junior high school students. Scholarships for high school students allow students to start their educational journey without any burden of costly school expenses. Of course, students can always choose a good GED prep and pass the GED exam. Click here to read my Covcel prep review.

Various private firms, individuals, corporate houses, charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions provide scholarships to the desired students. Apart from the citizenship criteria, these scholarships have their own set of conditions for eligible candidates.

Some are need-based grants whereas there are other grants that are merit-based. There are several other grants for high school students where suitable candidates are selected through competitions like essay contests or painting competitions.

The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) National High School Essay Contest

The AFSA organizes an essay contest every year that is held on a national level and encourages all high school students. Students are judged by these essays and a reward of $2,500 and a free trip to Washington along with their parents is given to the winner. High school students whose parents are working at the United States Foreign Service are not eligible for this scholarship program. The school to which the winner student belongs also receives a reward of $500.

Dell Scholars Program

This scholarship program is set up to help deserving candidates to pursue their higher studies, preferably in a technical or computer-oriented field, with full concentration without worrying about the finances. A huge amount of $20,000 is awarded to the candidates who qualify their eligibility criteria. The candidates are judged on their motivational skills, determination to face all hardships, future ambitions, and inadequate financial background. The candidates need to pursue studies through recognized institutions and should acquire a minimum of 2.4 GPA. High school students need to enroll in an MSDF-recognized readiness program for at least 2 years and also show their future plans of higher studies through accredited educational institutions.

The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Four Year Award for Seniors

This foundation is a joint effort by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company and the Coca-Cola Company and awards 250 high school seniors every year where the first fifty candidates receive a reward of $20,000 to be divided equally for a four-year program and the rest 100 candidates receive a fund of $10,000 for a four-year program. Citizens, permanent residents, refugees, parolees, asylee can apply for this scholarship but the candidates should acquire a GPA of 3 at the end of their junior high school level. The evaluation is based on the motivational skills, determination, leadership qualities and willingness for community services.

The Sylvia K. Burack Writing Award

This high school scholarship is applicable for junior and senior high school students residing in the United States and Canada. An essay contest is held on the topic ‘How has a work of fiction, poem or play influenced you’. Winners are judged on their write-ups and are awarded $500. The selected essays are also published in The Writer Magazine and are also put up on their website. The winners also receive a free annual subscription offer of The Writer Magazine.

The Voice of Democracy Scholarship

This grant for high school is open to high school students who are below 19 years of age. An audio competition is held where the students are asked to talk about their responsibility towards their nation. The best orator receives the scholarship. US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for this scholarship program.

The Moody’s Mega Math Challenge

This scholarship program is based on mathematical skills. Every high school can send two teams of 3 or 5 participants who need to crack a problem related to current issues through their knowledge of applied mathematics within a 14 hour time period. Since this is an internet-based program, students from all areas can easily participate. Candidates can take any outside help in solving this problem. A total of $80,000 is awarded to the winners.

The key to attaining maximum benefit is by getting detailed information on all the grants available and acquiring as many grants as possible. This way, the education of the students will go on smoothly. A great help in deciding which college to choose can be found in the article about “Rate My Professor”.