Saving Our Planet: There’s an App for That

Along with the increasing popularity of Smartphones, apps are continuously being developed to assist with everything from sticking to a diet to acing examination.

Therefore, it would seem to be no surprise that a number of apps have been developed to help individuals and businesses conduct themselves in a greener, more sustainable manner. Apps are available for both Android and iOS powered devices and are frequently either very inexpensive or entirely free of charge.


Green Outlet

If you are tired of paying out big bucks to the electric company every month, the Green Outlet app may be just the ticket. This iOS app allows you to make a rough prediction of your monthly bill, and indicates which appliances are the likely culprits for excess energy usage. However, the app does not include a calculator for natural gas appliances. The app can be downloaded for 99 cents US from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Plastic Analyzer

The Plastic Analyzer app allows you to determine what kinds of plastic you are using by conducting a search for the plastic identification code. The app then indicates what products are included in the plastic object or bag and informs you of whether the plastic is recyclable. The Plastic Analyzer App is available free of charge for Android, iOS and Windows 7 powered mobile devices.

Walk Score

Walkability – that is, the ability to access services and amenities without resorting to the use of a car – has become an increasingly attractive neighborhood feature for many individuals, especially young adults. The Walk Score app encourages walking by indicating nearby amenities such as coffee shops, transit stations and car sharing facilities. This iOS based app is available free from the Apple iTunes App store.

Good Guide

The Good Guide allows you to locate clean, non-toxic products ranging from cleaning agents to baby shampoo by utilizing barcode scanning. The Good Guide app contains ratings contributed by scientists as well as comments from everyday consumers. This free app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store and from the Android Market.


If you adhere to the “eat seasonal, eat local” philosophy, the Locavore app was made for you. This app allows you to locate farmers markets and exchange information with other users about local sellers. The app is available free for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Dirty Dozen

Many people are concerned with eating “clean” foods, that is, foods free from contamination from insecticides and chemical fertilizers. The Dirty Dozen app, developed by EWG, is a shopping guide that lists the twelve fruits and vegetables that are most likely to be contaminated with insecticides. The app also provides instructions on how to avoid fruits and vegetables that contaminated with insecticides altogether. This easy-to-use app is available free for both iOS and Android-powered mobile devices.


Despite your best intentions, sometimes driving is a necessity. However, the Carticipate app allows you to save money and reduce your carbon footprint by allowing you to coordinate ride-sharing with work colleagues and friends. You can organize regular commutes or one-time road trips with friends. Carticipate is free for the iPhone.

Lily Stopford is a self-confessed tech geek. When she’s not looking at the latest gadgets, she’s blogging all about them online. Visit the site for more energy saving ideas.