Green Ideas Could Lead You to Your Next Raise and Promotion

Green Ideas Could Lead You to Your Next Raise and Promotion

It’s about time you were taken more seriously—that you gave your own self a raise and promotion, and that you gave yourself more power in the workplace. It’s easier than you think, too—just start embracing “green think,” and quickly discover that your fellow workers will begin to think the world of you as you think more of the world.

Maybe you are tired of working for “The Man” and are contemplating branching out on your own and becoming  your own business person. This may involve selling a green product or service—such as eco-friendly beauty products or even a green home-cleaning service.

Either way, by going green in business, you essentially are promoting yourself to the status of a company owner, and because green goods are in high demand these days, you can expect an economy-driven pay raise as well.

If you’re not crazy about the idea of assuming the risk of running your own business, maybe you’re still tired of being stagnant in your role and want to breathe new life into your job: Just consider what you can do to make it easier for future generations to “breathe” easy in a constantly changing world.

Give yourself more power in the workplace by facilitating green change, which could make you celebrated and take you to the next level in pay and responsibility. Here are some tips that can help you to make your company green—whether you own the company or are working for the company.


If your business has outdated electronics—whether they are fax machines or computers—consider taking them to a store that sells no-longer-needed electronic goods. This is better for the environment than simply throwing away your electronics, as you can avoid taking up quickly depleting landfill space with materials that have other valuable uses.

For instance, the glass, metal and plastic from your old electronics can be used to fabricate new devices, and this process requires less energy simply because manufacturers don’t have to generate these materials from scratch.

In addition, chemicals from your obsolete electronics can be damaging to the environment. For example, lead and mercury from these devices could leak into the groundwater or escape into the air, thus having a negative impact on human health. In essence, some of your old electronic parts are considered hazardous waste.

Green Energy

Consider installing a wind turbine or even a solar panel, which is becoming more affordable today. The U.S. government awards tax breaks to business owners for installing these types of projects. As a result, your company may be eligible for up to 30 percent of the total cost of these projects, and the business can additionally save on utilities in the long run as well as sell renewable energy credits/excess energy—another source of income.


Make your company more productive by focusing on obtaining green certifications that are specific to your company’s industry. These certifications benefit current employees by introducing them to industry concepts and standards that facilitate more efficient green job performance. In addition, they make the company more attractive to investors who are looking to contribute money to legitimately green companies.

Finally, these certifications make your company stand out as the go-to employer in today’s green job seeker.



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