Green Landscaping

Do you currently have a yard to take care of? Maintaining a clean and manicured yard can be difficult and time-consuming, but is a chore that must be done. How do you take care of your yard? What specific products do you use to get the job done?

Have you ever considered using eco-friendly supplies or “green” materials? Take a look below at a few tips that could not only help you take care of your yard, but do so in a new way to help protect the earth.

The Benefits

Have you been contemplating to “go green” or use eco-friendly products in your yard? Once you make the decision, you will be able to take advantage of numerous benefits, such as: nurture wildlife, reduce air, soil, and water pollution, and make healthy recreation spaces. Does this sound appealing to you?

The Beginning

When “going green,” you must start by choosing the appropriate plants. For example, you’ll want to choose native plants or parts of plants that are native. Why is this method essential? Native plants will naturally adapt to your regional environment.

Do you currently have a fence in your yard? Though you may be concerned with privacy or keeping certain things in (or out) of your yards, fences aren’t the best for wildlife habitat. Instead, consider planting a living wall or a large hedge. These two methods will also look more pleasing than a fence that can and most likely will rot or rust over time.

If you’re considering putting a path or sidewalk in your yard, then try and use recycled materials. For instance, you should easily be able to find the following products: recycles or reused bricks, stones, glass, and/or concrete pieces. Using recycled items is a great way to refrain from buying or creating new materials—use what you have.

You shouldn’t water your yard, but if you do, this shouldn’t be done too often. You don’t want to waste water, specifically if your yard doesn’t need it. You could actually be harming the grass. After all, grass is considered to be naturally programmed to become dormant from time to time. When you do choose to water your grass, you could collect rainwater to better save energy and resources. Depending on how large your yard is, once it is time to actually start mowing, you may find using ExMark riding mowers to be more convenient and time-saving.

Another product you can consider purchasing and using in your garden or yard is organic mulch. However, there are items that you’ll want to avoid, such as: chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.

Still Looking To Do More?

Are you still actively searching for other ways to save and be more eco-friendly? Try these various tips:

  • Let lawn clippings stay on the ground instead of bagging them, as they will decompose and add a range of nutrients to the area
  • Try buying mulch in bulk to avoid unneeded plastic bags
  • Make sure to recycle all lawn and garden items that can be recycles
  • Do you have neighbors who enjoy taking care of their yard or garden? Perhaps you could share various tools, specifically larger ones.

You may discover that “going green” takes a little bit of time and work, but the end result is completely worth it. After all, don’t you want to help save the environment? Once you get into a routine and become used to the idea of practicing eco-friendly methods, you will quickly discover the simplicity of it all. Not only will your yard or garden look good, but you’ll feel relieved knowing you did your part to help make the earth a better place.