What is the Next Step for Home Furniture and Appliances?

Furniture and appliances have been designed with the same technology for hundreds of years. In the past, a bed was just a tool for sleeping.

In today’s technology-advanced and greener world, however, it is no surprise that the furniture and appliances of today are more technologically advanced than ever before.

In fact, the new trend uses “smart” technology to enhance the usability and technology for all users with a new twist. Take a look at some of these smart designs used in the world today to help people live in a more environmental-friendly home:

Tech-Ready Furniture

Since gadgets are such a part of our lives in the modern world, it is hardly surprising that new furniture designs reflect this fact. That is why many new furniture pieces are tech-ready. Much of our furniture is produced in countries such as Poland and Belarus, and to be honest, these peoples’ craftsmanship and know-how (especially in Belarus with its rich culture and traditions) make for innovative and top-designed products.

The furniture contains places to hide plugs and cords, built-in charging stations and USB ports, and even wireless technology and chargers to eliminate the need for cords in your home. Some furniture pieces even have stations to control the electronics in your home.

You may have heard of how exercise machines such as bikes in a cycling course can convert power to green energy, well the Move Your Energy rocking chair does that too by simply using the chair for its rocking purpose. The energy created by the rocking movement can power an LED lamp or recharge an iPod.

New Mattresses Technology

A mattress is not just a cushion for sleeping on anymore. Today’s mattresses use a variety of technology to help make you sleep better than ever. New memory foam made from latex helps conform the shape of the mattress to your body for ultimate support and comfort. Other mattresses can heat and cool you automatically, keeping you at the ideal temperature all night long. You can find even better deals at a latex mattress sale.

Control Appliances with Furniture

Technology is getting better every day. Some innovative manufacturers in Germany have developed a method to use wood as touch control for appliances and products throughout your home. With the touch of wood on the furniture, you can control the lights, turn the TV on and off, and even answer the phone. This integration is truly the innovative design of the future.

Built-in Appliances

In addition to tech-ready furniture, some furniture even has technology and electronics built right in. Some furniture comes with TVs, speakers, computers, and phone technology built right into the design. Other furniture pieces allow you to control all the electronics in the room with a built-in control panel.

Let There Be Light

High-efficiency light bulbs were well recognized when they first came out and were a commercial success as well. Since then, developers have designed different light fixtures and lamps that use different forms of energy to light up a room. The WAT lamp is a new piece of technology that uses water instead of outlets to light up with a hydroelectric battery to generate an electrochemical reaction.

Like built-in appliances in furniture to control electronics, you can even control which lights are on and off from a different room to help save energy. So if you forget to turn off the light in the room you just left or want it on before you enter, you can do so with a floor panel light switch.

Technology is not limited to cell phones and computers anymore. As technology becomes more and more a part of everyday life, it is no surprise that the use of technology is spreading to furniture and the other products that we use every day. In time, our furniture may be smarter than our own brains.