Paul Ellis Swimming the Yucatan Channel

Paul Harold Ellis, a 61-year old Texas Grandfather, swam for 35 miles across the Caribbean waters to raise awareness for the Coral Reef Destruction problem.

The problems that the world’s coral reefs are facing are not new. Already in 2004, on August 5, Paul Harold Ellis, a 61-year old Texas grandfather, businessman, environmentalist, ex-Marine aviator, sports enthusiast, and community activist, started out on an incredible journey.

He swam from Cozumel, a Mexican Island, for 35 miles across the Yucatan Channel to Mexico’s mainland in Cancun. He never stopped and did it all by himself! To see more about Swimming in Yucatan, check out this video:

The Power of the Individual

“The goals of my swimming from Cozumel to Cancun are to create more awareness of our oceans’ terrible conditions and the decline of our planet’s coral reef system in particular. Our world’s coral reefs are indeed like “canaries in the mine shafts” and they been overly distressed, decaying, and dying for many years.

“Through my very own dive masks, I have seen the terrible and constant deterioration of the coral reefs and I decided to get involved and do something about this massive problem. “ – Paul Ellis

The Facts

We live in a time in which all living systems on our planet are in decline and this rate’s decline is accelerating and staggering, so eco-friendly travel is absolutely required these days, and the options are plentiful! We are in the process of totally losing our coral reefs, fisheries, forests, water, topsoil, biodiversity, and therefore, our climate stability.

Our sea, land, and air are transformed from much-needed life-supporting and required systems into massive repositories for our waste. We have lost over one-third of all coral reefs on our planet and when this destruction continues at the present rate, practically all coral reefs in the world are sure to be destroyed forever within the next 10 years.

You too can do something to contribute to the solution, even if it is rather small or irrelevant in your eyes. I’m telling you: there is no irrelevance when it comes to saving our planet and even if you, for example, would create a roof garden, you will help protect what’s so dear to us.

You are Invited

The good (if you can call it that way) news is that there are numerous foundations and other organizations like concerned citizens’ action groups from across the globe that are committed to protecting our planet’s life-giving and life-supporting eco-systems, also in your homes. These action groups do really a lot of good, yet there are also still tens of millions of individuals who don’t give a damn, though we, fortunately, can see an increasing number of businesses that do really care.

We need everyone’s help to protect and save the wold’s Coral Reefs. So why don’t you join the world’s most powerful and fastest growing movement and be part of history? You’ll feel good when you help to protect and save our Planet’s living systems, not only in your homes but also in your offices and other locations where your organizations are located.

“The dream success of my mission would be if one million people join an organization dedicated to our common goals.” – Paul Ellis

The Mission:

  1. To raise more public awareness for the fact that the world’s coral reefs are dying rapidly.
  2. To serve as an inspiration to people who are uncommitted and inform them that it’s high time to take action.
  3. To highlight organizations, agencies, foundations, and citizens’ action groups that work so hard to preserve and save Earth’s natural resources and environments and to invite information and easy access for all those concerned to get involved.