The Ridiculous Price of College Textbooks

Of all of the times that I have struggled financially up to this point in my life, my first years in college have to lead the list. All of this is well and good because I know that getting a good college education is going to assist me in finding a job that will help me throughout my entire life. What really stinks about this, however, is the fact that some of the things that go into a college education are just too expensive. This can make it difficult for the average person, such as me to get by.

One of the first things that I am going to mention is the fact that college textbooks are ridiculous, as far as the prices are concerned. I know that it costs a lot of money for companies to put these books together and there are production costs that need to be considered as well. I

have always wondered, however, why these textbooks are so much money compared to, for example, eastern European countries where other books of similar quality were much lower. I guess the traditions in countries such as Belarus, are quite different from what we know.

I spoke to some people, including my parents and a few college professors who told me that college textbooks were, at one time, much less expensive. As they became more expensive, however, something began to occur that really helped to drive the price up even further. This is the fact that the used book market came into play in a larger way than ever before.

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Christmas and New Year in Belarus

Remember your childhood when you got a present from the Christmas Man, from Santa Claus? I guess you do, but do you still get it? Well, check out Belarus! In this country, the people don’t just celebrate Christmas once, but two times!

How is that possible?

In most parts of the world, people live in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. However, the Orthodox Church adheres still to an older one, the Julian calendar, and herein lies the reason that there’s a 13-day delay in celebrating all holidays.

In Belarus, most people are Orthodox Christians though there’s also a significant share of Protestants and Roman Catholics. In Belarus, key religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas are designated non-working days in official calendars and the people have the liberty to choose which day they choose for their celebration.

The Belarussian ritual of Christmas is closely connected with Kalyday, the famous folk holiday, where people not only go to church but also observe various rituals of pagan origin, and both traditions were fused into one single fest.

Well, I’m telling you that, even if you understand English Grammar Rules pretty well, understanding the Belarus language, the country’s rituals, traditions, language, history, religious beliefs, and festivities, may get pretty challenging, wouldn’t you agree?

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Paul Ellis Swimming the Yucatan Channel

Paul Harold Ellis, a 61-year old Texas Grandfather, swam for 35 miles across the Caribbean waters to raise awareness for the Coral Reef Destruction problem.

The problems that the world’s coral reefs are facing are not new. Already in 2004, on August 5, Paul Harold Ellis, a 61-year old Texas grandfather, businessman, environmentalist, ex-Marine aviator, sports enthusiast, and community activist, started out on an incredible journey.

He swam from Cozumel, a Mexican Island, for 35 miles across the Yucatan Channel to Mexico’s mainland in Cancun. He never stopped and did it all by himself! To see more about Swimming in Yucatan, check out this video:

The Power of the Individual

“The goals of my swimming from Cozumel to Cancun are to create more awareness of our oceans’ terrible conditions and the decline of our planet’s coral reef system in particular. Our world’s coral reefs are indeed like “canaries in the mine shafts” and they been overly distressed, decaying, and dying for many years.

“Through my very own dive masks, I have seen the terrible and constant deterioration of the coral reefs and I decided to get involved and do something about this massive problem. “ – Paul Ellis

Today, we can even see in more or less “totalitarian” countries such as Belarus with all of its rich traditions and cultural festivities, a growing concern with everything related to a cleaner, better and healthier environment

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